Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday News Roundup

The Dartmouth has a follow on Saturday's commanding win over Columbia HERE.

The Columbia Spectator has a story HERE.

Green Alert Take: I've been around long enough to remember the days when school newspapers actually had reporters at games and afterward asking questions at press conferences or in the locker rooms instead of watching streaming pressers. 
This week's Sagarin ratings with last week in parentheses:
111 Dartmouth (116)
115 Princeton (114)
150 Harvard (151)
151 Yale (156)
187 Columbia (180)
195 Penn (193)
224 Cornell (222)
236 Brown (237)

226 Colgate (224)
246 Marist (247)
253 Jacksonville (252)

256 teams are rated with Delaware State last.

Sagarin has Dartmouth a 7.5-point favorite at Harvard. Princeton is a 22-point favorite at Cornell per Sagarin, who has Yale a 10-point favorite over Columbia and Penn a 15.5-point favorite over Brown.

The lede to Craig Haley's story on the front page of STATS FCS (LINK)
“Clocks will be turned back next Saturday night, but in one way, it's already happened in FCS college football this season.
Three teams are unbeaten entering November and they're the same three as last year. - North Dakota State, which is 8-0, and Princeton and Dartmouth, each 6-0.”

From an AP "stats watch" story that includes notes about Toledo, Oregon, Kentucky, Cal and more (LINK):
Dartmouth, the top scoring team in the Football Championship Subdivision, has put up at least 21 points in the first half in all six of its games. That’s the longest streak since the Ivy League began play in 1954, according to Elias Sports Bureau.