Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday News Wrap

The Dartmouth writes about the big win over Yale HERE and the Yale Daily News has a story about the game HERE.
Craig Haley at STATS had already selected Dartmouth as the FCS Team of the Week and now includes the Big Green in a column headlined, 10 takeaways from FCS Week 7. From the piece:
Even when Yale won the 2017 Ivy League title, it lost to Dartmouth. The Big Green (4-0, 2-0 Ivy League) simply know how to beat the Bulldogs, making it seven times in the last eight seasons by cruising 42-10 in a highly anticipated battle of unbeatens. The win was coach Buddy Teevens' 100th in 20 seasons with the Big Green, and afterward he astutely said "No. 101 is more important right now." Although opponents have held the ball on average for five-plus more minutes per game and run 48 more plays, Dartmouth has outscored the opposition 143-34.
There are just three undefeated teams remaining in the FCS: North Dakota State, Dartmouth and Princeton.
In the updated Sagarin Ratings Dartmouth has leapfrogged Princeton. Here are the current ratings with last week in parentheses:
115 Dartmouth (123)
123 Princeton (113)
150 Yale (142)
157 Harvard (154)
181 Penn (184)
199 Columbia (198)
219 Cornell (211)
235 Brown (232)

225 Colgate (216)
248 Marist (248)
250 Jacksonville (249)
Future Dartmouth opponent Valparaiso is 256th and last.
Massey ranks 126 FCS teams and sees Dartmouth and its opponents this way:
 1. North Dakota State (6-0)
 2. Montana (5-1)
 3. South Dakota State (5-1)
 4. James Madison (6-1)
 5. Dartmouth (4-0)
 6. Cal State - Sacramento (4-2)
 7. Princeton (4-0)
 8. Weber State (4-2)
 9. Northern Iowa (3-3)
 10. Villanova (6-1)

26. Yale
29. Harvard
46. Penn
72. Columbia
86. Cornell
99. Brown 

98. Colgate
114. Marist
122. Jacksonville
 Presbyterian comes in last at 126.
The Optimist and The Pessimist will be on BGA Premium tonight and it will be interesting to learn what the second fellow has to say this time around ;-)