Monday, October 07, 2019

Monday, Monday

Dartmouth-Penn highlights from the Ivy League office:

The Dartmouth has a follow on the Big Green's win HERE.
Updated Sagarin Ratings with last week's rating in parentheses:
113 Princeton (110)
123 Dartmouth (130)
142 Yale (151)
154 Harvard (166)
184 Penn (181)
189 Columbia (198)
211 Cornell (213)
232 Brown (238)

216 Colgate (197)
248 Marist (250)
249 Jacksonville (249)

256 teams are rated with Valparaiso last.

The Offshore Wise Guys will make their thoughts known tomorrow. In the meantime, Sagarin sees Ivy League games this way:

Dartmouth is a 7-point favorite over Yale.
Harvard is a 15-point favorite over Cornell
Penn is a 6-point favorite over Sacred Heart.
Columbia is a 1-point favorite over Central Connecticut.
Holy Cross is a 15-point favorite over Brown.
Princeton is a 33-point favorite over Lafayette.
There are just five undefeated teams left in the FCS and three are in the Ivy League:
North Dakota State 5-0
Villanova 6-0
Dartmouth 3-0
Princeton 3-0
Yale 3-0

Green Alert Take: The Ivy League will have two unbeaten left at the most after Saturday with Dartmouth and Yale squaring off in Hanover.
The Ivy League office weekly release notes the conference has an 11-5 out-of-conference record.

Green Alert Take: In the interest of full disclosure, that record includes just one victory over an opponent with a winning record.

Ivy League wins have come against:
St. Francis 3-2
Holy Cross 2-3
Jacksonville 2-3
Fordham  2-4
Marist 1-4
Butler 1-4
Howard 1-5
Bryant 1-5
Bucknell  0-5
Lafayette  0-5
Colgate  0-6

Ivy League losses have come against:
Georgetown (twice) 4-1
Delaware 3-2
San Diego 2-2
Rhode Island 1-4
It's old news by now but The Dartmouth writes about former offensive quality control assistant Callie Brownson leaving the Big Green to take a position with the Buffalo Bills. (LINK)
BGA Premium will have the latest Optimist-Pessimist tonight. Consider yourself warned.