Saturday, October 05, 2019

Of Penn And Penn State

Find the AP recap of last night's game HERE. Philly College Sports has a story HERE. There's a Philadelphia Inquirer story HERE.
While the third week of the season has brought a third win in as many games for the Dartmouth football team it has brought something else as well – another recruit.

Joining the program next year will be Ethan Sipe, a 6-foot-5, 260-pound lineman from The Ensworth School in Nashville, Tenn. He Tweeted his commitment HERE. Find his highlight video HERE.

Here's the list BGA's insiders have helped uncover to date:

• Dario Arazi, 6-6, 225, DE/OT, Brooklyn Tech/Brooklyn, N.Y.
• Jack Dyett, 6-5, 210, DE/TE, Brentwood School/Los Angeles, Calif.
• Thomas Hartnett, 6-3, 290 OL, Pittsburgh Central Catholic
• Devon Lingle, 6-2, 202 QB, Fletcher, HS/Neptune Beach, Fla.
• Marcus Romboli, 6-3, 270, DE, Deerfield Academy/Everett, Mass.
• Paxton Scott, 6-1, 183 WR St. Mark’s/Dallas
• Ethan Sie, 6-5, 260, OL, Ensworth School/Nashville, Tenn.
As at least a few of you might have anticipated, we have taken advantage of a Friday night game in Pennsylvania to head to the center of the commonwealth to attend the Penn State Homecoming game against Purdue. Tickets weren't cheap and I promise you that you do not want to know how early we had to get going today to make the drive to Happy Valley –  and how little sleep I got – but here we are.

There will be a Dartmouth-Penn follow late tonight but first we will be joining more than 100,000 others at Beaver Stadium.