Friday, October 11, 2019

Time For Yale

The Dartmouth football office weekly game promo video features quarterback Jared Gerbino:
Gerbino ran for 169 bruising yards in last year's 41-18 thumping of Yale and apparently the Bulldogs haven't forgotten the way he ran them over. From a story in the Yale Daily News (italics are mine):
“All week we have emphasized getting to the ball on defense,” linebacker Ryan Burke ’20 said. “It would not be to our advantage to try and tackle (Gerbino) in a one-on-one space. Rather, if we have an opportunity during the game to bring him down, we must have an awareness to back up a bit to give all our other guys the chance to swarm to the ball as well. Having as many of our guys there would be the most ideal defensive setup to be able to tackle him to the ground.
Another comment in the story makes it sound as if Dartmouth has gotten into the Elis' heads:
“It’s just another game,” (receiver Reed) Klubnik said. “For us, having played them three times before, we haven’t forgotten how it slipped away from us two years ago — a loss that drove us to have the success we did the rest of the season. Last year they did get the better of us, but this year they’re just another football team; who the team is doesn’t matter, what matters is us and how we’re going to execute our stuff.” 
The College Sports Journal explains what Yale must do after losing six of the past seven matchups with Dartmouth, but doesn't see it happening:
The way they do that is if they can get QB Kurt Rawlings hot in the passing game and make this a track meet, while the Big Green would love to make this a grind-it-out defensive struggle, where their top-ranked defense can take over. Seeing as Yale’s biggest strength seems counteracted by Dartmouth’s stifling secondary, I see Dartmouth winning. Dartmouth 28, Yale 17
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Jake Novak over at Roar Lions 2019 writes (LINK):
Yale will make a decent game of it, but the Big Green will keep this under control. 
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And finally, it's been a beautiful "leaf peeping" season in northern New England and while it is winding down visitors will see some serious color this weekend. Here is a picture I shot yesterday from our Vermont hillside. That's New Hampshire in the background. As always, click the picture to enlarge it.