Tuesday, November 12, 2019

More From Princeton

Some interesting comments and reflections from Princeton coach Bob Surace in a PrincetonTigersFootball column headlined Eulogy for The Streak:
“Unlike other weeks where you can get your pursuit going and run up some tackle numbers, Dartmouth forces you to play really strict assignment football. One guy has the quarterback, one guy has Estrada, one has the running back.” 
"Even when Dartmouth didn’t sack the quarterback, the disruptions they caused were too often for us to be successful."
“We did a good job of not giving up the plus-25 yard plays. This was the first game they didn’t have one. Where we struggled was with the 5 yard plays. Dartmouth really executed those efficiently.”
“I don’t know if it was the footing but we struggled out of some cuts. In the run game, we might have had an opening and somebody wasn’t precise enough, or slipped and fell, whether it was in carrying the ball or running a route or on a block.  Maybe we didn’t have enough base, posture and punch. That really cost us. We are going to have to look at refining our techniques.”
And this from Jay Greenberg, who wrote the column:
However slim the chances might be that Dartmouth loses to either Cornell or Brown, imagine the lifelong regrets should that occur and a letdown against Yale and Penn costs the Tigers a share of the title. After an excruciating loss to Princeton, Dartmouth played it to the end in 2018, finding no shame in going 9-1. Neither would the Tigers, a team that was not as loaded with seniors as was last year’s or will be next year’s squad. Princeton travelled as many as 29 freshmen and sophomores in recent weeks.
The new Athlon Power Poll Top 25 compiled by Craig Haley has Dartmouth at No. 9.
Princeton has fallen out of the rankings and into the Also Considered section. (LINK)

The Offshore Wise Guys have chimed in and here's what they see this week and what they saw a week ago:

Dartmouth is a 28.5-point home favorite over Cornell
Princeton is an 8-point home favorite over Yale
Harvard is a 13.5-point home favorite over Penn
Columbia is a 16-point home favorite over Brown

Colgate at Lafayette is a pick ‘em
Marist is an 8-point home favorite over Jacksonville

Last week The Offshore Wise Guys had . . .

Dartmouth as a 3.5-point favorite over Princeton and the Big Green won by 17
Yale as a 17.5-point favorite at Brown and the Bulldogs won by 24
Harvard as a 10-point favorite at Columbia and the Lions defeated the arm by seven
Penn as a 5-point favorite at home against Cornell and the Quakers won by one.

Colgate as a 1.5-point favorite at home against Fordham and the Raiders won by 11
Dayton as a 13.5-point favorite at home against Marist and the Flyers won by 24
Drake as a 23-point favorite at home against Jacksonville and the Bulldogs won by 14
And finally, a loyal reader stumbled across the local CBS affiliate video of part of the Dartmouth-Harvard press conference from Week 7 HERE.