Monday, November 04, 2019

The Week That Is After The Game That Was

The Dartmouth has a follow on Saturday's dramatic win over Harvard HERE. Once again writer Devan Fink does a nice job.

Green Alert Take: The school paper may have finally found its next good one.
NBCSports has a story under the headline, The 6 craziest things that happened in Week 10 of the college football season. Dartmouth's Hail Mary is right there rubbing elbows with five others including the North Texas quarterback doing the postgame press conference in a T-Rex costume ;-)
In his 10 takeaways from Week 10 of the FCS season Craig Haley of STATS writes (italics are mine):
OK, positive news first: The Ivy League unbeatens have hit one out of the park. For the second straight year, Princeton and Dartmouth will both take 7-0 records into their matchup next Saturday at Yankee Stadium. The game is being played there to celebrate 150 years of college football - with Princeton having participated in the first game on Nov. 6, 1869 - but the stakes raise with sole possession of first place going to the winner. 
You may recall that the Dartmouth-Princeton game being played at Yankee Stadium is a Dartmouth home game. From the Dartmouth ticket office:
The game is one of many events planned in 2019 as part of Dartmouth’s 250th celebration. It will double as a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the first college football game ever played, which pitted Princeton against Rutgers in 1869.
Green Alert Take: Just Dartmouth's luck. While the game was planned as part of Dartmouth's 250th celebration that narrative has been almost totally subsumed into the celebration of college football history.
Harvard magazine (LINK) has its usual fine story about the Crimson's weekly game – in this case the loss to Dartmouth – and it includes a note at the end that says Harvard's game at Columbia Saturday is . . .
"believed to be the first time that two Ivy games will take place at the same time in the same city—either a stroke of genius or poor planning."
Here are the latest Sagarin Ratings with last week in (parentheses):

109 Dartmouth (111)
118 Princeton (115)
139 Yale (151)
147 Harvard (150)
194 Columbia (187)
195 Penn (195)
218 Cornell (224)
234 Brown (236)

213 Colgate (226)
246 Marist (246)
253 Jacksonville (253)

256 teams are rated, with Presbyterian last.

Here's how Sagarin projects this week's games, keeping in mind that The Offshore Wise Guys will set the true odds tomorrow:

Dartmouth is a 3-point favorite over Princeton
Penn is an 8-point favorite at home against Cornell
Yale is an 20-point favorite at Brown
Harvard is an 8-point favorite at Columbia

Colgate is a 3-point favorite at home against Fordham
Dayton is a 14.5-point favorite over Marist.
Drake is a 23-point favorite over Jacksonville.