Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Views From The Opposite Stands

Here's what the final play Saturday looked like through the lens of a phone in the Harvard stands. Watch how the bouncing stops on the Harvard sideline when the pass is completed:

And another view from the Dartmouth stands that will leave you wishing the video went on a few more seconds:

The Offshore Wise Guys have spoken and here's what they have to say this week:
Dartmouth is a 3.5-point favorite over Princeton
Yale is a 17.5-point favorite at Brown
Harvard is a 10-point favorite at Columbia
Penn is a 5-point favorite at home against Cornell

Also . . .
Colgate is a 1.5-point favorite at home against Fordham
Dayton is a 13.5-point favorite at home against Marist
Drake is a 23-point favorite at home against Jacksonville

Last week The Offshore Wise Guys had . . .
Dartmouth as a 9.5-point favorite at Harvard and the Big Green won by 3.
Princeton as a 21-point favorite at Cornell and they won by 14.
Yale as a four-point favorite at home against Columbia and the Bulldogs won by 35.
Penn as a 14-point favorite at home against Brown and they won by 2.

Also . . .
Georgetown  as a 10-point favorite at home against Colgate  and they lost by 10.
Marist as a 7-point favorite at home against Butler and they won by 10.
Stetson as a 7-point favorite at Jacksonville and they won by 3.
An ESPN Press Room release about games this week on the ESPN networks includes this:
For the Ivy League matchup, both teams enter the game with 7-0 overall records and 4-0 conference records. Additionally, the Tigers have won 17 consecutive games, while the Big Green have won 19 of the last 20, with their only blemish being against Princeton last season.  Overall, this will be the 98th matchup in a series which began in 1903, with the Big Green holding an 49-44-4 all-time advantage.
Today's quiz (and no fair looking it up): What was the last team not named Princeton to defeat Dartmouth? Answer at the bottom.
WARNING BGA rant ahead . . .

OK, so if someone from the national media went looking for the answer to the quiz and clicked on the Ivy League website the screen grab below (with my highlighting) shows what they would find on THIS PAGE.

That's right. We are entering the eighth week of the Ivy League season and the conference has a chance to showcase two undefeated football teams in the media capital of the world and the Ivy League football media guide still has not been updated. That's nothing short of shameful and it's hard not to wonder if it reflects what the conference really thinks about football.
Here's how the full page looks:

The last team not named Princeton to defeat Dartmouth was Harvard, which handed the Big Green a 25-22 loss on Oct. 28, 2017 at Harvard Stadium.