Wednesday, December 04, 2019

By The Numbers II

James Johnson, Princeton 67
Ben Mathiasmeier, Columbia 67
Jeremiah Tyler, Princeton 62
Dylan Stallworth, Princeton 60
Scott Valentas, Columbia 60
      Leading Dartmouth returner
      John Pupel 55

 Tackles For Loss
 Jeremiah Tyler, Princeton 14.5
 Brian O’Neill, Penn 12.5
 Truman Jones, Harvard 11.0
 Scott Valentas, Columbia 8.5
 James Johnson, Princeton 8.5
      Leading Dartmouth returner
      Seth Walter 2
      John Pupel 2

 Truman Jones, Harvard 6.5
 Benji Mowatt, Penn 6.0
 Anthony Nelson, Harvard 5.5
 Samuel Wright, Princeton 4.5
 Jake Stebbins, Cornell 4.5
 Brian O’Neill, Penn 4.5
      Leading Dartmouth returner
      Marques White 1.0

 Passes Defended
 Darren Stanley, Dartmouth 15
 Cooper DeVeau, Brown  12
 Max Jones, Harvard 11
 Jason McLeod, Penn 9
 Kyle Ellis, Yale 8

 Dathan Hickey, Yale 3
 Kyle Ellis, Yale 3
 Brian O’Neill, Penn 3
 Max Jones, Harvard 3
 Sultaan Shabazz, Princeton 3
      Leading Dartmouth returner
      Niko Mermigas 1
      Darren Stanley 1
      Tanner Cross 1
      Quinten Arello 1

(As noted in By The Numbers, because it is unknown what seniors among the Ivy League leaders might be returning for a medical redshirt season, only underclassmen are included on this list.)
Find the press release issued by 2020 Dartmouth opponent Jacksonville announcing that it is disbanding its football program HERE.

Talk about blindsided. Check out Jacksonville coach Ian Shields talking about next year after the Dolphins' final game against San Diego:

How do you go about finding a game at this late date? Touching base with scheduling guru Dave Brown is a good place to start. Read about the service he provides HERE.

Something else to keep in mind as Dartmouth looks to find a season-opening opponent. Given that each team in the Pioneer Football League plays eight games there are eight PFL teams now looking for a game. Does one of them have a bye on Sept. 19 and a willingness to travel?