Thursday, December 19, 2019

Toughest Schedules

Here's how Ivy League teams ranked nationally in regard to the winning percentage of the opponents they faced this year. There were 126 FCS teams ranked:
5. Columbia .583
21. Harvard .536
37. Penn .521
39. Yale .515
48. Cornell .500
66. Brown .485
82. Dartmouth .474
87. Princeton .463

The toughest schedule nationally based on winning percentage: Montana – .623
The easiest schedule nationally based on winning percentage: Merrimack – .281

Green Alert Take: The better your record the more it punishes you in comparison with other teams in your conference. Comparing Dartmouth to Brown, for instance, the Bears get the "benefit" of playing a nine-win Big Green team. Dartmouth, meanwhile, took a hit for playing 2-8 Brown. For a more level comparison between the schools, discount their games against each other and now the winning percentage of Dartmouth opponents is .506 and Brown's is .437.

Winning Percentage of Ivy League Non-conference Opponents:
Columbia .611
Harvard .486
Penn .444
Yale .432
Cornell .382
Brown .351
Dartmouth .314
Princeton .286