Thursday, January 30, 2020

Believe It Or Not

It was 2 degrees this morning at the BGA World Headquarters, we're still a week away from the annual Dartmouth Winter Carnival and the groundhog is just gearing up for its moment in the sun ( or not),  but spring is on the way. Don't believe it? Today marks the exact halfway point between last season's dramatic finale at Brown and the first day of Dartmouth spring football practice on April 7. It's 69 days either way you look.

In case you are wondering, Pioneer Football League powerhouse San Diego started "spring" practice Tuesday. Of course, that's in San Diego where it is spring only about 12 months a year.  ;-)
With corner Isiah Swann playing in the East-West Shrine Game, offensive lineman Zach Sammartino at the College Gridiron Showcase and defensive lineman Niko Lalos winning the team MVP award at the Hula Bowl last Sunday, it's easy to forget they aren't the only players on pro radar.

Defensive lineman Jackson Perry, like the others a member of the All-Ivy League first team, was recently interviewed by Bo Marchionte of College2Pro, which describes itself as, "a platform for players from all walks of life to share their stories while pursuing the dream of playing professional football."

Teammates and Dartmouth fans with ears won't be surprised when Jackson describes his pregame ritual. (And yes, he freely admits not everyone around him enjoyed it ;-)

College2Pro also did an interview with All-Ivy wide receiver Hunter Hagdorn which, if I'm reading this correctly, will be available later today.

I listened to Jackson yesterday but haven't been able to access his interview this morning. The Blog Talk Radio website is a little wonky right now, but to listen to the Perry (and later) Hagdorn interviews, CLICK HERE.