Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Shrine Time

Dartmouth's Isiah Swann isn't the only Ivy Leaguer making news at the Shrine practices.

Former Princeton quarterback Kevin Davidson was a subject of this very interesting STORY out of the East-West practices. As it turns out, Davidson starting just one year at Princeton and still making it to the East-West Game is unusual, but not nearly as unusual as his high school career.
The XFL has posted team rosters and two Ivy Leaguers are included.

Former Princeton quarterback Chad Kanoff is listed by the New York Guardians and Brown alum Daryle Banfield is listed as a defensive end with the DC Defenders.

Kanoff spent part of 2018 with the Arizona Cardinals but also has been on the practice squads of the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Bucs. He gets a mention in a Guardians camp story HERE.

Banfield went to camp with the Chicago Bears last year and had workouts fowithr a number of other NFL teams.
Meant to mention this previously but forgot. Vicis, maker of high-tech helmets favored by some Dartmouth players, has run out of money and gone out of business. Not that you'd know it from an NFL commercial. (LINK)