Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Clearing Things UP

Message board chatter has picked up lately regarding the Ivy League ending the spring recruiting period while at the same time supposedly cutting back the number of recruits from 30 to 25.

One part of that apparently is correct. One part is not.

The Ivy League did pull the carpet on the May recruiting period. Most (if not all) Ivy staffs did what they were allowed to do to make up for the lost time in February. To understand what was allowed then as well as in the spring, check out the NCAA football recruiting calendar. Look for the decision to end the spring recruiting period – largely a financial decision – to at least be revisited in the near future.

Regarding the drop in the number of recruits from 30 to 25, that has not happened. It has been discussed in the past, but given normal attrition in Ivy League programs (which do not have scholarships to hold over players' heads), how inexact recruiting at this level and injuries, the decision was made to hold the cap at 30.

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