Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And More ...

A couple more notes overshadowed (so to speak) by this morning's news about lights at Memorial Field ...

The Daily Dartmouth has a piece spun out of an embarrassment at Stanford a few weeks ago. From the D:
While Stanford University’s athletic department was recently implicated for encouraging athletes to take easy classes through a “Courses of Interest” list, Dartmouth’s athletic department does not maintain a list of easy class offerings for in-season Big Green athletes, Athletic Director Harry Sheehy said in an interview with The Dartmouth.
Gotta admit this line had me laughing:
An anonymous member of the football team confirmed that a physical list does not exist ...
Well now, that's one way of putting it ;-)

The Yale Daily has a piece about Jesse Reising, the Yale defender seriously hurt in the final game of his college career against Harvard. From the story:
Reising still has no feeling or motor function in his right deltoid, the major shoulder muscle that controls much of the arm’s movement. Reising also has limited movement in his biceps and — when he removes his sling — his right arm hangs limp at his side.
The story reports he will soon undergo surgery that will use nerves from his leg to replace those leading to his deltoid. More from the story about a young man who had spent his summers in Marine Corps officer candidate school but who has seen his dream of serving lost to the injury:
Though Reising is younger and more active than most people who suffer injuries similar to his, doctors estimate that he will never be able to lift his arm higher than his shoulder.

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