Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Returns!

Blogger is finally back (although Thursday's posts are still AWOL) but I'm on my way out so this is all I have time for:

Check out a story in the Daily Dartmouth for Big Green coach Buddy Teevens' reaction to the change of the Dartmouth academic calendar. Amont other things, he says:
“(The League will) slide the entire League or grant and exemption for Dartmouth College. We will adjust planning based on the resolution.”
The story also included this:
He also said he would be concerned for his players if the League granted Dartmouth an exception and allowed the Big Green to compete during the exam period.

“There would have to be some override with the existing Ivy rule regarding testing during the season,” Teevens said. “I am anxious to find out the resolution.”

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