Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More On Ivy Championships

In case you are wondering, the most Ivy League championships won by each school in a given school year (courtesy of TB):
Princeton - 15 (this year)
Harvard - 14 (2004-05)
Cornell - 9 (2005-06)
Penn - 8 (1983-84)
Yale - 7 (1980-81)
Brown - 7 (1999-2000)
Dartmouth - 6 (1990-91)
Columbia - 5 (2006-07)
There might be a fly in the ointment, though, because I can track down just five Ivy League titles for Dartmouth that year:
Men's cross country
Men's soccer
Women's ice hockey
Men's indoor track
I'm checking to see if there's one that's missing or if an error worked its way into the Ivy records.
Incoming wide receiver Robbie Anthony didn't see much action at Clemson (one game) but he shows up in this photo taken during the team's traditional charge down the hill before home football games.
Speaking of transfers, Yale's transfer from Duke has been "provisionally" accepted according to the Portal 31 New Haven Register blog which reports there are two more Yale recruits retaking the SAT to try to fit into their slotted bands.
Former Cornell lineman Seth Payne talks about the BearClaw on the main web page for the new "portable training device for linemen." You can see the device developed at Cornell here.
A regular reader shares a link to a Washington Post story about colleges playing a part in movies. As the reader writes: "Lots of Ivies mentioned. Take a wild guess what movie Dartmouth is remembered for." Yup, you guessed it.
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink

I'm not whining about the never-ending rain today. Nope, today's tale of woe is a broken water pipe that did a pretty good job of flooding our basement yesterday. The blog is a little late today because the first part of the morning was spent cleaning up the mess and now the plumber is down there replacing the pipe. He suggested we might want to think about replacing the boiler in another year or so. Add that to the well pump we replaced a couple of weeks back and the oil tank that has to be replaced this summer and yikes. We've been in this house for about 15 years so I guess we can't complain but if you know anyone who might want to subscribe to a really neat website on Dartmouth football, could you steer 'em my way?

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