Monday, June 20, 2011

Read All About 'Em

Be sure to check in during the week for a few thoughts about the 2011 Big Green drawn from remarks made by offensive coordinator Keith Clark and defensive coordinator Don Dobes at Saturday's Friends of Football meeting.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming ...
Some preseason "stuff" is starting to show up on opponent websites including the 2011 prospectus for Week 2 opponent Sacred Heart. The prospectus shows seven starters back on offense and seven more on defense. Fortunately for Dartmouth none of the starters is named Dale Fink.

The Big Green survived Sacred Heart last fall, 21-19, with Fink completing 30-of-41 passes for 286 yards and one touchdown without an interception. In case you were wondering, 6-foot-2, 200-pound redshirt sophomore Luke Wischnowski is listed as the starter on the preseason depth chart.

As reported earlier, Dartmouth will serve as Sacred Heart's Homecoming opponent and that, combined with the wealth of Dartmouth alums in the area, could result in a nice crowd at Campus Field, which is listed with a capacity of just 4,000. The Pioneers averaged just 2,203 fans for their five home games last fall.
Cornell's preseason "quick facts" are up and they show nine starters back on offense, eight on defense and five of six on special teams.
By the way, the Holy Cross spring prospectus showed the Crusaders with six returning starters on offense, six on defense and none on special teams.
Keep in mind there are different definitions of returning starters at different schools. If someone started four out of 10 games, is he a returning starter? He will be for some schools and won't be for others. If one player starts the first five games and another starts the second five, are they both returning starters? I've seen schools listing 13 or 14 returning starters on offense and that's one reason why. Here's another reason why: someone who started as a sophomore but missed his junior year will be listed as returning starter at some schools.

There are a lot of reasons why the number or returning starters is something that shouldn't be given too much weight. If someone is on the field for the first play but someone else is at the position for most of the game – it happens – does listing the first player as the starter have any real meaning?

My suggestion for making things a little clearer: Instead of listing the number of starters, list the number of starts for each returnee.

To check on Dartmouth's returning starters click here and scroll down to the first category, Games Played.
The Delaware County Times writes about former Dartmouth assistant Joe Moglia's return to football as head coach of the UFL's Omaha franchise after amassing a fortune running TD Ameritrade. The story notes, "Moglia has been out of football since he was defensive coordinator at Dartmouth in 1983." Moglia was a highly regarded defensive assistant at Dartmouth but didn't have the coordinator title. (Moglia UFL bio)
Former Holy Cross quarterback Dominic Randolph, who had a pretty good career in four starts against Dartmouth, threw four touchdown passes and ran for another in his latest Arena football game with the Chicago Rush. (link)
U.S. Rep. John Carney '78 (D-Del.) gets a mention for his football exploits in a story about the Delaware Blue-Gold game. (link)

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