Saturday, October 22, 2011

Of Information And Disinformation

From today's BGA:
Here’s what the Dartmouth coach had to say on his weekly Teevens Teleteaser, which no doubt has played on a few computers in the Columbia football offices:
“I’ve talked with the staff about it. Obviously I’m disappointed with the passing attack. Historically we’ve been fairly solid in that area. We need to call more passes. We’ve struggled at the quarterback position. We’ve played a little bit of, as I call it, spin-the-bottle with the QB spot trying to find the guy that under duress would make a play. What the resolution has been is we are going to go back with Conner Kempe.”
When asked why he went public with Kempe as the starter and would be quoted saying, “We need to call more passes,” the Teevens grin that has been largely missing for the past few weeks reappeared.
Whether that's information or disinformation, Teevens went on to suggest, is for Columbia to decide.

Harvard's WHRB blog picks Dartmouth over Columbia. Correction, it picks Nick Schwieger over Harvard. From the posting:
Columbia (0-5) at Dartmouth (1-4)
WHRB Sports’ 8-time Defending Ivy League Sleeper Pick has now dropped four in a row. Last week’s not-that-close loss at Holy Cross saw Dartmouth outgained by nearly 300 yards. Which: Oh boy. Nick Schwieger’s 110 ypg rushing accounts for about 42% of the Big Green’s total offence (sic) on the year. Meanwhile, Columbia is bad.

The Sports Network on the Ivy League race:
Another league that won't get a playoff berth, but by its own design rather than being excluded, the Ivy League race is shaping up to be a three-team race between Harvard (4-1, 2-0), Yale (3-2, 2-0) and Penn (3-2, 2-0).

Of those three, Harvard has been the most impressive, reeling off four straight wins after opening the season with a loss to Holy Cross. While it's often a dangerous way to look at things, all three schools have played Lafayette, with the Crimson pulling out the only victory against the Leopards.

Brown (4-1, 1-1) has lost to Harvard, but could factor into the race as well.
Green Alert Take: The feeling here, even with a loss on the ledger, continues to be that Brown is much more than an afterthought in the Ivy League race.

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