Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting It Done

The Daily Dartmouth has a story about linebacker Luke Hussey, a standout on the field and in the classroom. A 3.94 engineering student, Luke explains how football can actually help time management:
“Even though football takes up so much of your time, in a way your day becomes more structured because of it. It’s almost easier to be efficient with your time if you’re busy. It’s a matter of being as organized as possible, especially in season. I knew that I didn’t have a lot of time to get stuff done so I couldn’t afford to not focus.”

The finalists for the Asa Bushnell Cup offensive and defensive players of the year in the Ivy League will be released tomorrow. Two will be named on either side of the ball. Dartmouth tailback Nick Schwieger and Cornell quarterback Jeff Mathews are my odds-on favorites to be chosen on the offensive side. Defensively it's a little tricky but the fellow in the next link has a very good chance of getting one of the calls. The winners will be announced in New York City one week from today.

This story and short video from the Harvard Crimson are not something you see often in the Ivy League. Here's a guess: You will turn the volume down if you watch this a second time. In fact, you may turn the volume down the first time ;-)

Next on tap for BGA Premium: the compiled junior varsity statistics and a look at the early decision recruits when they become available. (Last year's early decision story ran on Dec. 22.)

Speaking of early decision, here's a Daily Dartmouth story about early decision applications in the Ivies.

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