Monday, November 07, 2011

Looking Back

From a story on The Sports Network site prior to Harvard coach Tim Murphy breaking the school's all-time win record with Saturday's victory over Columbia (italics are mine):
In winning five Ivy League titles and posting just four losing seasons, Murphy has been an institution in the Ancient Eight. His record is so impressive, that every four-year player recruited by the coach has celebrated at least one Ivy championship.


And in case you are wondering, this is not the head football coach at Harvard. This is the head football coach at Harvard.

The Daily Dartmouth has a recap of Saturday's win over Cornell. ... There's also a column in the Daily D that includes this:
The last two games of the season are against Brown and Princeton, and although my prediction of a 7-3 season was innacurate, a 5-5 record would definitely allow me to save face.

The Cornell Daily Sun has a look back at the Dartmouth game.

Dartmouth's Nick Schwieger, Brown's Mark Kachmer and Harvard coach Tim Murphy are mentioned in this Sports Network column.

Your weekly Sagarin Ratings with last week's ratings in parentheses and Saturday's result:
121. Harvard (108) - beat Columbia
123. Brown (117) - beat Yale
181. Yale (185) - lost Brown
197. Cornell (189) - lost Dartmouth
202. Penn (211) - beat Princeton
212. Dartmouth (216) - beat Cornell
234. Princeton ( 226) - lost Penn
242. Columbia (242) - lost Harvard

Non-League Opponents
156. Holy Cross (155) - lost Lehigh
205. Colgate (197) - lost Lafayette
226. Sacred Heart (225) - lost Wagner

246 teams rated

Quarterback Conner Kempe needs 221 yards to move into third place on the all-time Dartmouth list for career yards. To see who he may pass and what that former quarterback is doing now, click here. (Thanks for the link.)

And finally: Picked up Mrs. BGA at the airport in Manchester yesterday but her bag did not make it from LAX. We were told at the desk that the bag would be delivered to our house overnight even though we are 75-plus miles from the airport and down a winding dirt road here on the mountain. Although we were a little skeptical, we left a note on the door saying it would be fine to leave the bag outside the door. Danged if it wasn't there when we got up this morning. That is impressive.

And finally II: Optimist-Pessimist tonight on Green Alert premium.

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