Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brown In Blue?

Football Scoop is reporting that one name near the top of Yale's head coaching wish list is former Dartmouth defensive coordinator Don Brown (later a successful head coach at Northeastern, UMass and Plymouth State, and defensive coordinator at Yale, Brown and Maryland.)

To see a video introduction to the excitable UConn defensive coordinator, click here.

The other name mentioned in the Football Scoop blurb is former Yale standout and onetime Columbia head coach Bob Shoop, who recently turned down a chance to interview at Richmond. From a Tennesseean story posted on Dec. 11:
Shoop said he fully plans to be coaching at Vanderbilt next season.

“God, I hope so. Unless you know something I don’t know,” Shoop said.

The stories about Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson keep coming and they frequently mention his late father, Harry Wilson '77. From an AP story picked up by
Before Harrison Wilson III died last year, he made sure his son knew what he considered the ultimate achievement in football.

"My dad used to always tell me back in the past, `Man, there's got to be some way you get to the Rose Bowl,''' Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson recalled. "'You've got to get there.' The best part is, I finally got here.''

Russell Wilson's landmark achievements in his much-chronicled single season at Wisconsin finally started to sink in this week when he stepped on the Rose Bowl turf for the first time, a week before the Badgers (11-2) face Oregon (11-2)
The story includes this background:
Wilson's father played football at Dartmouth and briefly suited up for the San Diego Chargers before becoming a lawyer, and he taught the game to his sons with daily predawn workouts throughout their childhood at their prep school in Richmond, Va.

After several years of poor health, Harrison Wilson died of complications from diabetes on June 9, 2010 - one day after the Colorado Rockies drafted his son in the fourth round.

"I went home and saw him in Richmond and told him I got drafted, and then two hours later, he passed away right in front of my mom and I,'' Wilson said. "I know he'll be my king in this crowd at the Rose Bowl.''

The Sports Network offers up Memorable FCS storylines of 2011. Included are:
Mathews goes back-to-back: It was the year of the quarterback in the Ivy League and Cornell sophomore Jeff Mathews showed how much by throwing for over 500 yards in each of the Big Red's final two games - both wins . . .
And . . .
The good, the bad and the ugly at Yale: It started as a fun story at Yale. . . .

Be safe everyone. I'll see you next year (or next week, as it were) with a look at the early decision recruiting class on BGA Premium and a synopsis here.

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