Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kwiatkowski Chimes In

Former Brown football coach Mickey Kwiatkowski was THE best quote among football coaches I've ever interviewed and well up there among coaches of all sports. The Morning Call tracked him down for thoughts on new Penn State coach Bill O'Brien, who played for him at Brown.

Kwitakowski told the MC:
"In time, and I know it will take time because there are a lot of wounds to heal, I truly believe people will say, 'Can you believe how lucky we were to get Billy O'Brien?' "
Kwiatkowski told The Altoona Mirror:

"Billy makes an impact. He's got drive, he's got dignity, he's got class, he knows right from wrong, he's solid in his thinking, he's moral, he's a family man. He really is a special, special young man."

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
Until his name was blasted over TV and the Internet as Penn State's new football coach, most of America knew Bill O'Brien mainly as the New England Patriots assistant coach who screamed at his considerably more famous quarterback Tom Brady on the sideline during a game against the Washington Redskins a few weeks ago.

In Warwick, R.I., Mickey Kwiatkowski watched a replay of the spat and enjoyed it immensely.

"My jaw was on my chest," said Kwiatkowski, who coached O'Brien as a defensive end and linebacker at Brown University and gave him his first coaching job. "I said, 'Oh, my God. You go, O'B!' "
And more from Kwiatkowski:
"The circumstances that presented themselves were so unique," he said. "This opportunity doesn't come along to a young guy -- who truly deserves it -- very often. They're getting a great guy, and I hope they give him a chance.

"He's a kid that I love who I've grown tremendously to respect. He always seemed to do the right thing. Never an issue of gray. When his eligibility ended, I immediately said, 'Come help us.' He has a great amount of dignity, a great amount of self-awareness, and he doesn't lose sight of what he's involved in."

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