Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Viewpoint

Now it's the turn of senior special teams standout Chad Hollis to chime in on the Daily Dartmouth editorial, Reassessing Recruitment. From his column in The Dartmouth:
Classroom success, although vital, is not the only measure of success at a secondary institution. Similarly, high school class rank, GPA and SAT scores — the markers that determine the Academic Index referenced in the Editorial Boards article — do not always measure the potential value of an applicant to our institution. It’s the Admission Office’s job to populate the Dartmouth campus with a diverse student body that excels in a variety of fields.

The New Haven Register has full coverage of the hiring of Harvard assistant Tony Reno as Yale's new head football coach. There's a story with videos here and the Register's Portal 31 blog here.

The Yale Daily News also has coverage.

There's also a story in the Harvard Crimson.

Pretty rotten weather for another big recruiting weekend here in Hanover with snow showers/sleet today and the temperature predicted to drop to 7-below tomorrow night. But hey, maybe the guys who are in town will get to skate on Occum Pond, which hasn't been open yet. Hope the ice is thick because there's a 275-pound defensive tackle from Florida (link) already holding offers from Navy and Florida Atlantic visiting according to one recruiting service.

Speaking of recruiting, ESPN reports that a three-star outside linebacker from Texas "has offers from Harvard and Dartmouth."

So Mrs. BGA and That Certain Hanover High Graduate were playing Words With Friends, the Scrabble-like online game. Now, Words With Friends is fun but it frustrates me as a Scrabble purist because it lets you sit there and try combination of letters after combination of letters in search of a word until it accepts one as legal. It would be much better if, like Scrabble, you lose your turn when a word isn't a word.

Anyway, last night TCHHG played the "word" QOPH. A little frustrated, Mrs. BGA emailed her back and said, "Use it in a sentence."

Here's the sentence TCHHG emailed back: "I just scored a ton of points using the word QOPH."

For the record, QOPH is the 19th letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and yes, I Googled that ;-)

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