Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yale's New Coach Is . . .

It would appear Yale finally has its new head coach. (That would be written in pencil if possible.)

Tony Reno, a former Yale assistant and most recently defensive backs and special teams coach at Harvard, is expected to be introduced today at a 4 p.m. press conference according to the Yale Daily News.

Earlier this week former Yale (and Dartmouth) defensive coordinator Don Brown was apparently the choice, but if the message boards are to be believed (careful with that) his package fell apart when the school vetoed the Yale booster club helping with his compensation.

A little back story according to the New Haven Register . . .
Former Yale defensive coordinator Don Brown had been offered the job, according to sources, with Yale officials going as far as reserving a time slot in the Kenney Center for a press conference on Wednesday to announce Brown as the new coach. However, Brown abruptly and unexpectedly withdrew his name from consideration Monday night to remain as the defensive coordinator at UConn.
With Brown out of the picture Georgetown's Kevin Kelly was billed as the likely successor until he withdrew from the process.

Woke up this morning to read a blurb in our local daily citing a New Haven Register report that Lehigh offensive coordinator Dave Cecchini would be the choice, but the paper apparently went to bed before the Register backed off that story.

All of which brings us around to Reno, who is reported not only in the Yale Daily News as the choice but also this morning on the Register's Portal 31 blog and in the Register itself.

Green Alert Take: Yet another of the things I don't miss about working at the newspaper. While there was great relief getting the name of a new hire, the relief was much greater when you found out it was right. Fortunately, I never got one wrong although that was in the days before blogging increased the pressure to get a name out there ;-)

The Daily Dartmouth has the story about how Google's Street View provides something of a virtual tour of the campus. A little poking around after a recent discussion of such things revealed there is a 360-degree, panorama tour of one part of campus. Check out the virtual tour of the Thayer School of Engineering. Be sure to click on the arrows that allow you to pan the picture 360 degrees.

What the heck, as long as we're playing tour guide, check out the slide show of the Class of 1953 Commons, the dining hall formerly known as Thayer. (Thanks to the always interesting Dartmo. The Buildings of Dartmouth College site for first posting a link to the slide show.)

True story. In all of the college tours we made with That Certain Hanover High Grad, from Ivies to NESCAC schools to the Patriot League and schools like Swarthmore and Haverford, the only tour we took that did not at least peek into the dining hall was Dartmouth and for good reason. The guess here is that has changed with the '53 Commons, which is a terrific addition to the college. Do look at the slide show.

Oh and by the way, the Dartmo. suggestion for Main Street in Hanover sounds very interesting.

Snow day for kids here in Hanover. We haven't gotten much (we're supposed to get 4-6 inches) but it is absolutely howling out there. With the white stuff slated to switch to rain and sleet, the decision to close school was wise. It's miserable out there.

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