Saturday, March 03, 2012

Worth Considering

Have you ever noticed that Thompson Arena and Leverone Fieldhouse somewhat mirror each other, not just in position but also in design? It probably shouldn't be a surprise, given that both buildings were designed by the same architect, Pier Luigi Nervi.

Now imagine the houses in front of Thompson have been moved and a plaza of some sort connecting the two buildings has been constructed. Even with Park Street bisecting the plaza it would look pretty neat, huh?

The thorough and always thoughtful Dartmo. site (The Buildings of Dartmouth College) offers up some thoughts about how that concept might work, and how it might look. (LINK)

Clearly, the owner of that site understands architecture and I'm just a hack but I do have one suggestion after looking at the Dartmo. overhead drawings that show the two buildings not lining up perfectly.

To back up for a second, my only real complaint with Thompson Arena – still one of the best college arenas in the nation – is the cramped lobby that forces people who have tickets to squeeze through people waiting to buy them, and leaves some standing outside in the cold waiting in the snow when the lines get long.

Well, with the houses in front jacked up and moved, there would be plenty of room for a spacious new (perhaps glass) lobby to be constructed at the front of Thompson. With a little sleight of hand, the architect might even be able to come up with a design that works with the building but also gently steers the front of the lobby to the right to make it parallel to the front of Leverone.

Would it work? Remember, I'm no architect (although I'd like to play one on TV ;-). But it would be fun to see what someone who knows what they are doing could come up with.

And yes, I'm good at spending other people's money.

Yesterday's blog listed five Dartmouth football players who will be taking part in Pro Days. There are four pro hopefuls from Penn working toward the same end. From the Daily Pennsylvanian:
For the past several months, linebacker Erik Rask, tight end Luke Nawrocki, offensive lineman Greg Van Roten and defensive back Matt Hamscher have been training for their Pro Day workout. Invitations to the Quakers’ Pro Day, which is set to take place on Mar. 28 at Franklin Field, have already been extended to pro football scouts.

Good results last night for the men's hockey team, which won its best-of-three ECAC Hockey tournament opener at St. Lawrence, 6-3, and the women's basketball team, which got its first home win of the year against Cornell, 55-48. I was at that game and got home in time to catch the final four innings of the baseball team's 8-4 opening loss at LSU played before a crowd of 9,946 in Baton Rouge. The Big Green played solid baseball, collecting 10 hits, walking just three batters and playing errorless ball in the field.

And speaking of baseball Dartmouth Now has a story (with the video below) about pitcher Kyle Hendricks '12, who reports to the Texas Rangers' camp today.