Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Ready! Get Reading!

Tons of reading today if you are so inclined ;-)

Start your day off with The Dartmouth's preview of tomorrow's opener against Butler.
Then you can check out:

• The Brown Daily Herald on the opener against Holy Cross
• The Columbia Spectator football supplement
• A preview of the Cornell-Fordham game in the Cornell Sun
• A Harvard-San Diego preview in the Crimson
• A selection of football stories posted by the Daily Pennsylvanian
• The Princetonian look at how things shape up in New Jersey
• A Yale Daily News preview for the Bulldog game against Georgetown that notes of a player switched to quarterback in the aftermath of the team's backup QB recent decision to leave the team:
(Senior Derek) Russell was listed as a wide receiver, but played quarterback for Newton South High School prior to attending Yale. 
“It caught me by surprise a little bit actually,” Russell said of his position change. “I actually played defense last fall. I’ve moved around a lot, [so] I’m ready for whatever.”
Brown's "interactive magazine" (read: electronic media guide) has been posted here
The Sports Network, which generally has a better handle on these things than most media outlets, picks games this way:

Dartmouth over Butler
Holy Cross over Brown
Marist over Columbia
Cornell over Fordham
Penn over Lafayette
Lehigh over Princeton
Georgetown over Yale
Colgate over Sacred Heart
TSN also has small capsules on three Ivy games with scores:
Lehigh 38, Princeton 10
Harvard 35, San Diego 17
Georgetown 31, Yale 30 (ot)
There have been 39 stories posted on the Big Green Alert Premium site since the second week of August and there will be two more tonight (Butler preview and "picks") two more Saturday (Butler game story and Butler sidebar), and another Sunday (Butler follow). Then the Optimist-Pessimist on Monday followed by daily practice stories. If you haven't signed up yet, fill out the signup form, let me know you will be sending along your subscription fee and I'll get you going in time to get on board for the Butler game.
Once again, the first BGA Moose Mountain hike is set for tomorrow at noon. We will meet at the trailhead for the Class of '66 Lodge (formerly known as the Harris Cabin). Everyone is welcome to join in a "moderate" hike that will take 2-3 hours.

To get there from Hanover:

• Drive up East Wheelock from the Hanover Inn corner, past Alumni Gym, up, up, up the hill for about four miles miles until the road ends in a T.
• At the T turn left on Hanover Center Road, go past the Etna General store, past the Etna Library and fire station. After a minute or so you'll see a large barn on the right side of the road. Turn right just after the barn and before the Etna Green where you'll see a bunch of youth soccer goals. That will be Ruddsboro Road.
• Follow Ruddsboro 1.5 miles uphill through several S curves. At 1.5 miles on the left you will find Three Mile Road (our dirt road).
• Turn left on Three Mile and go about 1.2 miles, PAST a three-car parking area for the Appalachian Trail, past a huge house with a green roof on the left, and then immediately down into a swale. Don't come up the other side, but instead pull into the parking area. Cooper the Wonder Dog and I will be waiting for you there, which is the trailhead. ;-)

(You might want to bring a bottle of water.)