Saturday, September 15, 2012

See You Soon

No, unfortunately that's not our view. It's a neighbor's. Click to enlarge.
We're hiking Moose Mountain at noon today and it looks absolutely glorious out there right now. It's a relatively easy hour hike up and a little shorter coming back down. You are welcome to join us. Just follow the directions a post or two below. If you have the time, stick around for a few minutes afterward for some light refreshment and to take in the views across the road from our house if it stays clear.
The Indianapolis Star has a story about Butler's visit to Dartmouth for its first-ever football game against an Ivy League team at 7 tonight.

About his motivation for scheduling the game, Butler coach Jeff Voris said:
"We were looking at ways to improve the nonconference schedule and make it more attractive, not only to our fans, but also to make us more attractive in recruiting and improve the players' experience while they're here."
And . . .
"That's kind of where we put the bar as far as the type of student-athletes we're going after. We end up talking to a lot of kids that are considering Ivy League and Patriot League-type schools. Some are set on that experience and are going out there no matter what, but just as many are looking for that setting a little closer to home."
From ESPN1070 radio in Indy:

Butler takes on Dartmouth Saturday night. Since they don’t give scholarships in the Ivy League either, game should be interesting.

From the Butler Collegian:
Voris said the team is used to the traveling aspect but expects a good experience from the contest. 
“(It will be) just a unique atmosphere as far as being on an Ivy League campus and being in that environment,” Voris said.
Voris is right. Butler, as members of the Pioneer Football League, is no stranger to the road. This year the Bulldogs also travel from Indianapolis to New York to play Marist, and to North Carolina to play Davidson. Last year they traveled to Campbell in Buies Creek, N.C., and Jacksonville, Fla.
In case you were wondering – you were, right? – here's the Pioneer Football League:
Morehead State 1-1
Butler 1-1
Marist 1-1
Drake 1-1
San Diego 1-1
Jacksonville 1-1
Campbell 1-1
Valparaiso 0-2
Dayton 0-2
Davidson 0-2
Former Dartmouth assistant (and Princeton head coach ;-) Roger Hughes will know the Pioneer Football League well in a year when the Stetson program he is building from the ground up joins the PFL. Check out what's happening with the Big Green's old offensive coordinator here.
The Boston Herald has a quick look around the Ivy League on opening week here.

From the wires a story headlined: Harvard president: Cheating scandal goes beyond athletics.
The lede:

Harvard President Drew Faust said Thursday that athletes should not be singled out for blame in what is believed to be the largest cheating scandal in the school's history. Nor are they being treated any differently in the investigation, she added.

In town and looking for something to do today instead of hiking Moose? Dartmouth has its Ivy League rugby opener against Harvard at 1 p.m. a the Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse on the Lyme Road, opposite Hanover Country Club. The game marks the debut of interim head coach Gavin Hickie, stepping in for Alex Magleby, who is taking a leave to head up the U.S. National Team in preparation for the World Cup 7s next summer in Moscow. Action kicks off at 10:30 with the women's team taking on Syracuse.