Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick Notes

A September Where Are They Now catches up with a former Dartmouth standout who went on to do great things. Click here to see who it is.
Jake Novak down at the Roar Lions 2012 blog discusses the finalists for the Bushnell Award and I have to agree with him that Penn quarterback Billy Ragone belongs on the list. Jake writes:
. . . Penn's Billy Ragone was the heart and soul of his Ivy championship team. And I think it's really puzzling why he isn't even a finalist for the top award. 
Think about it: in the key moments against Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Harvard, Ragone was the difference between winning and losing. 
Forget Ragone's statistics. As a certain legendary Greek philosopher said in a posting on the Ivy League's unofficial message board:
If you were in a tough fight who would you want to lead your platoon? I'd want Ragone--he'd get my fanny out of there alive.