Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Finale On Tap

Dartmouth team members who made the early buses on the first day of exams had a walk-through Friday at Cheshire Academy's field in Connecticut. Stopping midway through a long trip instead of having the walk-through at the stadium where they will be playing is a relatively new concept for some teams, but it certainly seems to be working for the Big Green, which puts a five-game road winning streak on the line this afternoon at Princeton. That's the fourth-longest road streak in the nation.
A story in the Trentonian has Princeton coach Bob Surace saying this about Dartmouth freshman Dalyn Williams:
“Their quarterback is the RGIII of our league. He is going to be a tremendous player."
(An aside: I like to listen to the Tony Kornheiser Show radio podcast and TK and his cronies have started to call Robert Griffin III, "Bobby Three Sticks." Makes me laugh every time.)
The Bleacher Report, which also makes me laugh from time to time, has its weekly preview here.
Speaking of laughing, this lede from Bloomberg earned a guffaw as well:
Yale University failed to sell out its allotment of tickets for tomorrow’s football game against Harvard University, with Hurricane Sandy helping produce a rarity in the Ivy League rivalry that started in 1875.
Gee, do you think maybe, just maybe, there could be something else at play here? Like a 2-7 Yale record? Like Yale losing its last two games by a combined, 49-7? Like Yale dropping five straight to Harvard? Like Harvard winning nine of the last 10 meetings between the teams?