Friday, November 16, 2012

Countdown To A Finale

This week's Teevens TeleTeaser from the Dartmouth office of sports publicity:

The Daily Princetonian quotes Tiger defensive lineman Mike Catapano on the Dartmouth offense in its game preview:
“They’ve got a really good quarterback who can run the ball, who can also throw the ball. They’ve probably got one of the best running backs in the Ivy League, but they also have some really good receivers who can hurt you if they get down the field.”
The lede to the latest post in Jay Greenberg's Princeton Football blog should definitely tease you into wanting to read the rest of the story:

Few college athletes have known the trouble that Princeton’s football class of 2013 has seen:  Three life-threatening illnesses of teammates, devastating injuries to key players, the unexpected firing of the coaching staff that had recruited them and 24 losses in their first 30 games.
The story includes this:
With Connor Michelsen’s throwing arm in a sling through the Tuesday and Wednesday practices and the starting quarterback’s availability being a Friday decision at best, Surace was asked if it might dictate more of a running game plan with Quinn Epperly. “Earlier in the year maybe,” said the coach. “But Quinn’s completion percentage is essentially the same as Connor’s. He has improved so much as a passer.”

Jake Novak at the Roar Lions blog is predicting a Princeton win over Dartmouth, a Cornell upset of Penn and a Harvard win over Yale, which would mean a three-way tie for the Ivy League title among Princeton, Penn and Harvard. There have been two three-way ties in Ivy history and Dartmouth was part of both of them.
We'll be heading to Princeton in a bit. Mrs. BGA and That Certain '14 are making the trip down and we'll add That Certain Nittany Lion on the way back. He'll be part of a slightly larger football crowd tomorrow. We'll be intercepting his Thanksgiving break bus about an hour north of Princeton in early afternoon Sunday. We'll all be together for the holiday and then drive him back to school on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We'll all be in the stands for the Penn State-Wisconsin football game one week from tomorrow.