Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tiger Tales

When I was the beat writer covering Dartmouth football for the local daily I almost always made a midweek call to the opposing coach to get a few quotes both about his team and his perception of the Big Green. (As an aside, if the game was scheduled for Hanover, the other coach invariably asked about the weather forecast, something the Internet has made passé.) Given the scope of the BGA audience it would be asking a lot of opposing coaches to take the time to talk with me so the weekly call is something I reluctantly gave up. Fortunately, Princeton's Town Topics has posted some insights from Tiger coach Bob Surace on Dartmouth:
“They are a young team like us; it is like looking in the mirror. The running back (Dominick) Pierre is a stud. They are playing a freshman QB (Dalyn Williams) along with a sophomore (Alex Park) and the freshman is one of the passing efficiency leaders in the league. They have two wideouts (Michael Reilly, Ryan McMaunus) who are terrific. The offensive line has improved. Defensively, they have been strong since I got in the league. They are good up front, they are fundamentally sound.”
Find the full story here.
Dartmouth's game notes for Princeton have been posted here. Two notes:
1) If you are a subscriber to the Big Green Insider video package, the webcast of Saturday's game is part of your package. You'll get the Princeton announcing team with the webcast, but hey, it's free.
2) As noted here before, depth charts these days are not worth the paper they are not printed on.
From The Sports Network:
Although Ivy League presidents say they don't want to send their champion to the FCS playoffs because players will miss class time, don't doubt they also believe the Harvard-Yale rivalry would lose some attention. 
Sorry, but I've got to quibble with that one. While some Ivy presidents may have said they have concerns about missed class time, most have said absolutely nothing about the reason for the playoff ban (and I think part of the reason is they don't have an explanation). Missed class time may play into the decision, and Harvard-Yale may play into it as well. But I'm here to tell you I've had numerous discussions both on the record and off the record with high-ranking folks in the Ivy League and the only point of consensus as to why the Ivy League doesn't go on is this: because the presidents say so.
Speaking of academic conflicts, last night's BGA Premium story revolved around the change in the Dartmouth academic schedule that has the fall term ending before Thanksgiving. The result is exams start tomorrow, the day before the Princeton game. While many will have an exam before the bus leaves for New Jersey, upwards of a dozen Dartmouth players will be loaded in a van to head south after their exams. Win or lose there will be a lot of studying on the bus headed home and a few players who will struggle to get their sore bodies out of bed in time for Sunday exams.

The Daily Princetonian has a look at what's at stake at each Ivy League school this weekend. Regarding Dartmouth the paper writes:
Once the Ivy League’s traditional power, Dartmouth is searching for its second straight 4-3 finish in Ivy League play, a welcome improvement after seven straight years below .500.