Monday, January 27, 2014

A Time Capsule

This is fun stuff – a 43-minute Dartmouth football video from 1968 including clips from the preseason contest with Boston College on Memorial Field with . . . wait for it . . . a crowd in the stands.

Speaking of the stands, check out the Hanover crowds.

And at 9:44 we are introduced to future College Football Hall of Famer Murry Bowden as a sophomore who is, "one of the hardest hitters on the team."

Football Study Hall breaks down the numbers and arrives at five important factors in winning. In descending order they are:
Field Position
Finishing Drives
There's some dizzying stuff in the lengthy discussion you can find here.
With the Winter Olympics approaching, The Dartmouth has a story about the college's Olympic presence. I have to admit that I laughed at this:
If Dartmouth were a country, it would rank 43rd among nations for total medals won at the Olympic games, with 63 overall. Ahead of countries like Mexico, Iran and Ethiopia, the Big Green’s 29 gold, 21 silver and 13 bronze medals stand as a testament to the school’s storied history at the Olympics.
I mean, Mexico and Ethiopia competing in biathlon and the giant slalom? Columbia might have more Winter Olympic medals than those countries.

Only as I continued reading did it sink in that while we are on the eve of the Winter Games I had jumped to a conclusion and the story was referring to Winter and Summer Olympics.