Saturday, March 29, 2014

Checking Out Dartmouth Pro Day

Here's some video I shot yesterday of Garrett Waggoner and Dominick Pierre at Dartmouth's Pro Day with a lowly iPod Touch. (You should be able to click the box next to the YouTube logo to make it full screen and it will hold up.)

A couple of things to note. First, I only got Pierre's second vertical where he tries to match his first jump. Second, Waggoner felt something in his leg on his 40 and passed on other drills to make sure he's ready to go in Detroit in three weeks or so.

That out of the way, here are a few numbers from the Pro Day.

Pierre was measured at about 5-10 1/2 and 215 pounds. Waggoner at 6-0 1/2 and 218 pounds.

Waggoner ran the 40 just once, clocking 4.54 on one watch and 4.51 on another, with a 1.53 best over 10 yards. His vertical was 39 1/2 inches (he did 43 at the NFL Regional Combine in Tampa), his long jump was 10-2, and he did 25 reps of the 225-pound bench.

Pierre ran 4.62 and 4.69 in the 40 with a 1.63 best over 10 yards, had a 30 1/2 vertical, a 9-11 long jump and did 18 reps in the bench. His 3-cone was 7.17, 20 shuttle 4.38 and 60 shuttle 11.98.

Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, who threw passes to Pierre as well as UNH products Brian McNally (a late cut of the Washington Redskins last summer) and Manny Asam, had this to say after the Pro Day:
"It was good for the guys who came out to see two of their former teammates getting this kind of attention. It’s our goal to have at least one or two guys every year with this kind of opportunity. 
"I think both of them did a good job. Dominick came back this winter and has been working hard with (strength coach) Dave Jenkerson, who has been doing a good job with him. Garrett has been working hard back home and it shows.
"They will definitely be viewed. The numbers they are putting up are very respectable. Garrett is on the high-end with his vertical jump and explosiveness and so forth. Both have run very well in the 40. 
 "Garrett is big enough that he could be a hybrid outside linebacker, but he’s also fast and quick enough that he could also be a safety. He will gain some attention. 
"Running back is a wanted position. Dom is tough and physical and catches the ball very well, which is important at the next level. That’s been a thing that has caught people’s eyes. 
"They will be seriously considered. It’s just a question of who else is out there. It’s about the right place at the right time. 
"Probably a free-agent situation. Sometimes those are even better than a late-round draft choice. You do a little bit of homework and figure out who needs what, who has been aging and who has been injured and you go with that team. 
"There are a lot of qualified, talented people around the country but these are very, very intelligent guys. They are good decision-makers who aren’t going to be problem children for anybody and that carries a lot of weight.
"One of the nice things for us in talking with (the NFL scouts) is they all independently had really nice things to say about our facilities. They said they are some of the best they've seen."

All of the Pro Day running drills were conducted inside Leverone Field House. Memorial Field has been partially cleared but it's still not ready for the start of spring football, which is slated to kick off one week from Tuesday.

Teevens on spring practice:
"We are looking forward to it, is long as the field is ready. The facilities people are doing a great job. . . . There’s a lot of snow out there and they have had to clear four different fields. How they are doing it, I don’t know. But it looks like we will probably be able to stay on schedule. We just need a little bit of sun and some weather cooperation and we will be good to go.
"We are in mat drills right now and I've been very impressed with the conditioning the kids have shown. Of the kids that were overseas, some of them lagged a little bit. A couple of guys doing internships are a little bit behind, but not appreciably so. And then the guys that were on campus, Dave Jenkerson has done a real nice job with them.
"So far so good. We want to keep them healthy. That’s a goal through mat drills." 
Memorial Field Friday (click to enlarge)
Just a day or so after learning he had made the Miami Marlins Opening Day roster, former Dartmouth quarterback Eddie Lucas was hit by a pitch and broke his left hand. He is expected to miss four to six weeks. Find a story on the Marlins' website.
Dartmouth product Kyle Hendicks' final outing with the Chicago Cubs was a good one but he will start the season in Triple-A. Read the last of his diaries on ESPN MLB where he write about being sent down here.
Princeton and Dartmouth are No. 1 and No. 2 in the nation on Forbes magazine's The Grateful Graduates Index 2014, regarding alums giving back to their school. LINK

From the piece: "10 Yr Median Private Donation Per Student: $27,464," (with 44 percent participation).
Thanks to a friend of BGA for sharing a link to a story about how the move to unionize football players at Northwestern could lead to unionizing graduate students. That, in turn, could mean "The Days of the Brown U. Ruling Are Numbered." Check out the story in The Chronicle of Higher Education.