Friday, March 28, 2014

Pro Day At Dartmouth

Barring weather complications (of course we are getting a "wintry mix" up here on the mountain) this is Pro Day in Hanover for safety Garrett Waggoner and tailback Dominick Pierre, a couple of Dartmouth's first-team All-Ivy League selections.

For Waggoner, it will be another chance to show his stuff after a solid performance at an NFL Regional Pro Day in Tampa that resulted in an invitation to the NFL Super Regional Combine in Detroit on April 12-13. LINK

For Pierre, today is an opportunity to fill in some of the blanks on the page put together by the agency representing him:

For more on Pierre including a Q&A from this page, click here.
Pierre's agents represent big- and small-school prospects. 
The Jaguars, Bill, Raiders and Colts turned out for Cornell quarterback Jeff Mathews' Pro Day in Ithaca yesterday. Find video of his workout and interviews with Mathews and coach David Archer here. The Ithaca Journal also has a story mentioning that Mathews worked out for the Cardinals on Monday.

From the Journal:
Alan Herman, Mathews’ agent from New York-based Sportstars, Inc., was pleased with his client’s performance. 
“I thought it was what we had wanted,” said Herman, who also represents former Cornell offensive tackle J.C. Tretter, now with the Green Bay Packers. “It was a really strong day, he has a terrific arm — a pro arm — and he showed it today.”
Also from the Journal:
Herman said Mathews compares favorably to recent Ivy quarterbacks Jay Fiedler (Dartmouth) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Harvard) in terms of raw ability. “We know (Mathews) is smart,” he said, “and the bottom line is, he’s as good or better in terms of his arm as Fiedler or Fitzpatrick or those guys. He has what it takes to be successful.” 
Green Alert Take: Having seen them both, the agent is correct. Mathews' arm doesn't have to take a back seat to either Fiedler or Fitzpatrick. The advantage those two had is they were both adept at making plays with their feet.

Tre Minor, a linebacker/defensive end also took part in Cornell's Pro Day.
Former Dartmouth junior varsity quarterback Ed Lucas, who gave up a shot football to concentrate on baseball, will be on the Florida Marlins' roster as a utility player on Opening Day. Lucas, who hit .256 with four homers and 28 RBIs after making his big league debut last year, batted .339 this spring. LINK
Dartmouth has accepted 11.5 percent of applicants for the Class of 2018. Only Cornell (14 percent) accepted applicants at a higher rate in the Ivy League. Dartmouth accepted a record-low 9.4 percent two years ago and 10 percent last year. The Dartmouth has a story.