Sunday, July 05, 2015

Different Route From Dartmouth To The NFL

He never played football at Dartmouth but he's put in a lot of time on the field in NFL stadiums.

Credit an Omaha World-Herald story about the next Nebraska Black Sports Hall of Fame class for uncovering another Dartmouth alum who has made a name for himself in the world of pro football. Darryll Lewis '75 will be inducted into the hall on July 30.

Lewis has spent 17 years in the NFL after 17 as a Big Eight official. This year he will work in the NFL instant replay booth.

Lewis, who earned a law degree from Creighton in 1978, is an associate professor of finance, banking and real estate, and business administration at Nebraska Omaha. A profile in the UNO Alumni Magazine (LINK) a while back included this:
When Lewis was a freshman at Dartmouth College, he talked to the school’s coaches about where his future might lie in football. They encouraged him to go the direction of officiating.
“I always enjoyed the game,’’ he says, “and I always was attracted to the officials’ world. It became a goal of mine to reach the NFL.’’

(Helmet are courtesy of the Helmet Project)

OK, the question of the day is, which of these is not like the others?

If you said Dartmouth is not like Stanford, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, UCLA, Dartmouth, Syracuse, Indiana and Kansas you are right, of course.

But you are also wrong.

The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne has a story about how, as part of a $5 million from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for a technology center, Indiana University appears set to become the 11th school to join the revolution marrying virtual reality and football training.

Dartmouth signed on in the spring and is still the only FCS school in the nation to adopt the technology. Find the Indiana story HERE.