Monday, July 06, 2015

Here We Go

A few of you jumped the gun during the spring but BGA Premium is now open for business for the 2015 season. This will be the 11th consecutive year BGA offers seven-day-a-week coverage of Dartmouth football.

Returning subscribers: Your username and password will remain the same so all you have to do to renew your subscription is send along payment and you'll be able to read original content EVERY DAY from Aug. 16 until the finale against Princeton. CLICK HERE for information on how to make your payment.

New subscribers: Welcome! Signing up for BGA Premium is easy. CLICK HERE to pick your subscription level, payment options and username/password. Your account will be manually activated upon receipt of payment.

Enough of the business piece, which I really don't enjoy . . .

NEW FOR 2015
For the first time since the early days of BGA, this site (not the premium site) will allow comments on daily posts. All comments will be moderated and civility is an absolute priority.

Please do not write anything about an athlete that would make that athlete or the athlete's family uncomfortable. Comments on coaching decisions or playing time will not be allowed because it is too difficult to draw the line between what's fair and what is not.

One more thing: People continually tell me I should put this site behind the BGA Premium paywall and while I've occasionally been tempted I've held off. If you are not a subscriber to the Premium site and enjoy visiting this site daily you can thank the Premium subscribers for allowing me to do this. And you can make sure it stays open by hitting that donate button up there on the top right of this page.

Today's Valley News has a very nice piece on the late Dave Orr '57, who wore many hats over a long career at Dartmouth. From the story (LINK):
At one point, Orr had a string of having attended 119 consecutive Dartmouth football games, home and away. The time period it covered included four coaches, 48 captains and 12 of the program’s 13 Ivy League titles to that point. The string would have been longer, but he overslept and missed a taxi that would have started a trip to Princeton during the 1960s. He pleaded with Ruth to drive him to Boston to catch a train, but with two young children to care for, she declined.
When I worked at the college Dave often went to road football games a day or two early for alumni functions and would travel home with the sports information party. He was a font of knowledge about the teams of the past and the college as a whole.

Dave was in the corner of the Memorial Field press box for just about every game I ever covered until last fall when he was too ill to continue and was missed. He was a good man.

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