Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Good Idea

All credit to Columbia for deciding to run Friday practices on South Lawn instead of up on the tip of Manhattan. It should help drum up interest in the program and saves the guys a bus ride.

I've thought for a while it would be pretty cool for Dartmouth to hold at least one Friday "walk-through" on the Green.

Would they ever do it?

On the one hand, football coaches can be loathe to change routine and the routine is to practice at Memorial Field. Football cleats can tear up the grass, and there are sidewalks intersecting the Green.

On the other hand, Friday is a walk-through. Those can be – and probably have been – run in parking lots. They've definitely been held in gyms – and no one wears cleats in a gym. And half the time (or more) walk-throughs for road games are held at a random field on the bus ride to the hotel.

In an age when Ivy League students don't generally go to games having the team on the Green the afternoon before a game might be just the ticket. Maybe the marching (?) band could be convinced to show up again.

It's worth thinking about ;-)
CBS Sports has a story and a graphic illustrating the best Division I football team in every state. (LINK) The good news is that Dartmouth is second in New Hampshire ;-)

The bad news is there are only two DI  teams in the state ;-(

Can you name the two states in the Union without even one DI team? One is Alaska and at one point Hanover seceded from New Hampshire and joined the other one.
The Friends of Dartmouth Football, the Dartmouth Club of Washington, D.C., the Dartmouth Club of Maryland, and the Office of Alumni Relations are holding a tailgate before the Georgetown game on Sept. 19 starting at 10 a.m. on the Harbin Patio next to the football field.
And finally, it always makes me wince when I read a Tweet that a promising high schooler has received an "offer" from the University of Penn State. Well, I saw a new one today. A Tweet that someone has received an Ivy League offer from . . . wait for it . . . the University of Columbia.

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