Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Check It Out

For a story I wrote on wide receiver Joseph Cook combining football and an engineering major, check out the latest edition of PEAK, the quarterly publication of Peak Performance & Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors. Find the full magazine HERE.

You might also want to zip back to the winter issue of PEAK to read a story I wrote headlined The Defense Never Rests, which offers a look at life as a Dartmouth coach through the experiences of defensive coordinator Don Dobes. Find that story HERE. (And if I never publicly thanked Coach Dobes for his incredibly generous help in allowing me to pull that story together, let me do so here.)
The polls have been updated after the first week of play in the real world and Harvard is No. 25 in both the STATS and the FCS Coaches rankings. Sacred Heart is No. 38 according to STATS, and Dartmouth sits at No. 46. There are 125 FCS teams this year according to that noted source Wikipedia. (LINK)
With the first week out of the way, the Sagarin Ratings have been updated and Harvard and Cornell are the only Ivy League teams to benefit from wins by their opponents. Here are the current ratings followed by last week's rating:

140. Harvard 142
177. Dartmouth 172 
185. Yale 182
198. Brown 196
202. Princeton 198
213. Penn 212
233. Cornell 234 
242. Columbia 240

Non-League Opponents
203. Sacred Heart 200
224. Central Connecticut 224 
234. Georgetown 225

253. Davidson
CNN is expected to be at Memorial Field today to do a story on Dartmouth's Mobile Virtual Player, the "intelligent dummy."

NFL Network Digital is expected to be here tomorrow.
And finally, with a crush of assignments accompanying the start of the football season there's no time for my daily hike in the afternoon. That being the case, Griff the Wonder Dog and I headed out this morning in darkness on our hike up Moose Mountain on the Appalachian Trail. At the peak we came across two tents where thru-hikers were sleeping. Another was in his sleeping bag out in the open, and it took a few doggie treats and some quiet encouragement to keep Griff from going over and licking the fellow's bearded face. I expect the hiker would have woken with quite a start. I'm happy to report we didn't wake anyone and Griff did not come home with any souvenirs, leaving the various socks, T-shirts and underwear that was strewn about on the granite clearing to dry in place.

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