Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dartmouth Outdoors

You don't hear it much anymore but there was a saying in these parts that was very popular for a while:

It's different at Dartmouth.

Here's an example.

This is a video out of the Dartmouth football offices from Sunday's freshman football hiking trip. Of particular interest to me (and probably others who have been up to Holt's Ledge hiking or skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway) is the view of the ledge provided by the Dartmouth drone. You know you are on the edge of something when you are up there, of course, but you have no idea ;-)

Watch well into the short video to see what I mean.

Speaking of the outdoors at Dartmouth, while stumbling across the hiking video I found this one featuring former linebacker Ben Ticknor '15:

A reminder that Dartmouth and Harvard are scrimmaging today at Memorial Field. Unfortunately there is a blackout on news out of the event. Do visit BGA Premium tonight, however, for a story you might enjoy. And no, it's not about today's scrimmage.

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