Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tuesday (No) News Day

Following up on yesterday's note about two Dartmouth recruits from California being named all-state academic, the Napa Valley Register writes about linebacker Colton Forster HERE. The other honoree is defensive end Arthur Kaslow of Calabasas.
Nothing really new in it but The Dartmouth has a story on the Ivy League decision to ban tackling in football practice.

I have to admit I found this line near the top of the story humorous:
The unanimous decision will now go to each of the league’s athletic directors, policy committee and university presidents for approval before the policy goes into affect.
Green Alert Take: Can't you just imagine, after all the laudatory press the Ivy League has received, the presidents and ADs saying, "No, that's not a good idea?" ;-)
Listen to yet another Buddy Teevens' interview on the tackling initiative HERE.

From Twitter regarding the Minnesota NFL regional combine:

Donahue gets a quick mention in this story and another in a story about the Dream Bowl.

Missed this from the Regional Combine linke. Thanks for passing it along ;-)