Monday, March 07, 2016

California Recruits Honored

CalHi Sports writes about its All-State Academic Team and Dartmouth has two incoming players selected (although the lede to the story mistakenly names three).

Honored are 6-foot-3, 220-pound linebacker Colton Forster of Napa, and 6-3 225-pound defensive end Arthur Kaslow of Calabasas.

The story notes that Forster was chosen Defensive Player of the Year by the Napa Register for an 11-1 team and Kaslow was the L.A. Daily News Defensive Player of the Year.
Reaction continues to come in regarding the Ivy League eliminating tackling in practice and a couple more stories suggest it's simply formalizing a movement that has been taking hold around the country.

FootballScoop intros a story with this:
Ivy League commish: “I don’t understand is why everybody doesn’t adopt the same tackling rule in one fell swoop.”
But after posting a couple of quotes from Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Stanford's David Shaw about how they practice Scoop writes:
The answer, at least in big-time college football, is “we already have.”
The Baltimore Ravens' site, meanwhile, writes this:
The Ivy League has received much national media attention for its announcement on Wednesday that tackling would not be allowed at football practices. Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens had eliminated full contact practices in 2010, and now all of those elite schools will follow suit.
It’s a good idea, and, frankly, the Ivy League might be behind the NFL.
And now, for those of you who have been keeping score, a few snaps I took during our trip to South Florida to visit That Certain Dartmouth '14 who is spending the winter as an educational ranger for the National Park Service in the Everglades. Click the pix to enlarge them. 

He never moved. A German visitor asked That Certain '14, "Is it artificial?" Nope. Another international visitor almost found out the hard way when he reached over and picked up this big fellow's tail.
The Everglades are a bird-watcher's paradise. Actually, it's a paradise, period.
Manatees were anything but shy.
Our car made it over the pass without much trouble ;-)
One of the famed miniature "Key Deer," on Big Pine Key
Sunset on a side trip to Key West
Whether it's the end of the road or the start of the road is all in how you look at it!
Click (and perhaps click again) to make readable and give yourself something to think about.
And finally, my favorite little story, which I've repeated in this electronic precinct a few times. I spotted this during a dinner with That Certain Dartmouth '14, who got the official word while we were visiting that she'll be returning to Yellowstone in the spring. I couldn't help but think this was fitting given how she has been living her life since graduating from Dartmouth.