Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bo Knows – What He Wants

Former Dartmouth receiver Bo Patterson '15, is looking to resume his football career after a year away from the game. Here he talks about his decision courtesy of WCIV:

Here's part of his workout at The Citadel:

Bleacher Report has a lengthy look at Harvard's development into an NFL breeding ground.

From the story:
"Our offensive line with the three stars we fielded were probably better than most—if not all—Big Ten offensive lines," (tight end Ben) Braunecker said. "I truly believe that, and I've heard as much from NFL scouts."
Green Alert Take: I've heard the same thing (although it still couldn't dent the Dartmouth defensive front in five tries from the one-yard line in that goal line stand for the ages last fall ;-)
Three Harvard players and Dartmouth's AJ Zuttah are the only Ivy Leaguers to get grades from the official draft tracker HERE. (To find out what the grades mean, click on the question mark.)
Back at practice this morning. As usual, check BGA Premium tonight for a report.

Placekicker David Smith (No. 39) is making a unique bid to be the Big Green's backup punt returner. Check out his unique talent early in this quick video from the football office.