Friday, April 22, 2016

A Little This, A Little That

When a crew from the CBS TV show Innovation Nation showed up at Memorial Field earlier this week to do a piece on the Mobile Virtual Player host Alie Ward got a little silly before she got (semi)serious. The full report will air in the fall.

Former Dartmouth defensive back Troy Donahue goes through drills that would land a bunch of us on our back sides but might catch the eye of pro scouts:

For every Dartmouth athlete there is a story but some are more unique than others. For the spring edition of the DP2 magazine PEAK I wrote about:

• a member of the sailing team/pilot who ferries planes around the country for a business he started
• a volleyball player who has recorded an album in Nashville
• a distance runner who has published a book of poetry
• a softball player with a successful crafting business
• a member of the US Ski team and Dartmouth equestrian . . . who happens to be blind
• a soccer player and track athlete who represented his country in those sports and still another

Find those stories and more in PEAK.