Saturday, April 30, 2016

Draft Primer

It's Day Three of the NFL draft with rounds 4-7 on tap. By most accounts defensive lineman AJ Zuttah seems to be the best bet to end Dartmouth's drought in the draft.

The last Big Green draft pick was tight end Casey Cramer, who was chosen by Tampa Bay in 2004 as a fullback and played in a total of 36 games for the Panthers, Titans and Dolphins before retiring following the 2008 season.

Dartmouth in the NFL/AFL Draft:
2004 – TE Casey Cramer, Buccaneers, 7th round, 228th pick
1998  – LB Zack Walz, Cardinals, 6th round, 158th pick
1978 – DE Gregg Robinson, Jets, 6th round, 143rd pick
1976 – LB Reggie Williams, Bengals, 3rd round, 82nd pick
1976 – WR Tom Fleming, Browns, 17th round, 465th pick
1971 –  DB Willie Bogan, Colts, 8th round, 207th pick
1968 – DB Gordie Rule, 11th round, 299th pick
1963 – LB Don McKinnon, Patriots
1960 – RB Jake Crouthamel, Chargers
1939 – RB Bob McLeod, Dodgers

The Harvard duo of tight end Ben Braunecker and offensive tackle Cole Toner are widely regarded as the Ivy League's most likely draft picks.

No Ivy Leaguers were chosen last year.

Ivy League Draft Picks By School Since 2000
4 – Yale
3 – Harvard
3 – Princeton
2 – Brown
2 – Cornell
1 – Dartmouth
1 – Penn
0 – Columbia

Ivy Draft Picks Since 2000, starting with the most recent:
2014 – Princeton DT Caraun Reid, 5th round, 158th pick, Detroit Lions
2013 – Cornell T JC Tretter, 4th round, 122nd pick, Green Bay Packers
2013 – Harvard TE Kyle Juszczyk, 4th round, 130th pick, Baltimore Ravens
2013 – Princeton DE Mike Catapano, 7th round, 207th pick, Kansas City Chiefs
2011 – Yale FB Shane Bannon, 7th round, 223rd pick, Kansas City Chiefs
2010 – Brown DT David Howard, 7th round, 241st pick, Tennessee Titans
2007 – Brown LS Zak DeOssie, 4th round, 116th pick, New York Giants
2006 – Harvard QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 7th round, 250th pick, St. Louis Rams
2005 – Cornell OG Kevin Booth, 6th round, 176th pick, Oakland Raiders
2004 – Yale TE Nate Lawrence, 6th round, 181st pick, Tampa Bay Bucs
2004 – Dartmouth TE Casey Cramer, 7th round, 228th pick, Tampa Bay Bucs
2002 – Penn OT Jeff Hatch, 3rd round, 78th pick, New York Giants
2001 – Princeton OT Dennis Norman, 7th round, 222nd pick, Seattle Seahawks
2001 – Yale DB Than Merrill, 7th round, 223rd pick, Tampa Bay Bucs
2001 – Yale TE Eric Johnson, 7th round, 224th pick, San Francisco 49ers
2000 – Harvard LB Isaiah Kacyvenski, 4th round 119th pick, Seattle Seahawks

Ivy League Draft Picks By NFL Team Since 2000
3 – Tampa Bay
2 – Seattle Seahawks
2 – Kansas City Chiefs
2 – New York Giants
1 – Baltimore Ravens
1 – San Francisco 49ers
1 – Oakland Raiders
1 – St. Louis Rams
1 – Tennessee Titans
1 – Green Bay Packers
1 – Detroit Lions
You can't buy publicity like this piece in the Chicago Tribune:

That's Colin Boit, left, and Charles Mack, right, tackling the MVP in a Chicago Tribune editorial.