Thursday, April 07, 2016

Here And There . . . Again

(Editor's note: This page vaporized the first time I posted it. Wow do I dislike reconstructing these things :-(

I don't know about you, but mat drills are wearing *me* out . . .

This is probably sacrilege but I kind of wish the Dartmouth-New Hampshire football game this fall was in Durham rather than Hanover. Yeah, I know . . .

I fully understand the Big Green is trying to beat UNH for the first time since 1976 and that home field advantage should help when two teams with new starting quarterbacks face off on Sept. 17. I get it.

But after watching yet another Dartmouth-UNH game in 2014 at the old facility they started to call "The Dungeon" – but others called "The Dump – I think it would be fun to see a game in the much-needed new stadium the state university is erecting.

Dartmouth and UNH took different approaches to their stadium projects. Dartmouth maintained the graceful and historic brick wall of Memorial Field, topping a traditional grandstand with an impressive new press box. UNH, meanwhile, has left its former home stands intact and is building a  double-decked grandstand on the opposite side of the field, topping it with a modern press box featuring what they are terming "social and gathering areas."

Here's a recent picture of the UNH project along with the architectural rendering of what it will look like when the Wildcats open against Holy Cross on Sept. 10:

The UNH Insider has a story about progress on the facility HERE.

UNH also posted a video update several days ago. I wish it looked more *at* the stadium instead of *from* the stadium, but it's worth a look:

Green Alert Take: The Dartmouth website has football schedules posted through 2022 and UNH does not appear after this fall. There are three TBA's listed and while this may be a minority opinion, I think it would be wonderful to see the in-state rivalry rekindled at some point. If they made me emperor the game would be played annually.

Dartmouth's Future Non-League Opponents
2016 - UNH, at Holy Cross, Towson
2017 - at Stetson, Holy Cross, at Sacred Heart
2018 - Georgetown, at Holy Cross, Sacred Heart
2019 at Jacksonville, Colgate, at Marist
2020 Jacksonville, at Towson, Marist
2021 at Valparaiso, TBA, TBA
2022 Valparaiso, at Army, TBA