Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Mélange

Keith Clark, Dartmouth's offensive coordinator and O-line coach, took the time to answer a few questions for BGA Premium after Saturday's Big Green practice. Unfortunately, the wind garbled some of our talk, but there's still some good stuff here:

Notes about a couple of interesting players who got away . . .

Garrick Mayweather is a talented 6-foot-3, 330-pound offensive lineman who played four years at Fordham. No idea if he was on the Big Green's radar or Big Green was on his, but given that he grew up in Baton Rouge and Dartmouth has had a strong presence in Louisiana the past few years he would have been a good fit. It helps that he's also a standout student with a very interesting back story told by the New York Daily News. A couple of excerpts:
He is Pre-Med, preparing for this week’s NFL draft as a late-round offensive lineman prospect and scheduled to take a practice MCAT at 8 p.m. His grades on standardized tests include a 35 out of 36 on the ACT and perfect fives on Advanced Placement exams in Calculus AB, as well as Calculus BC.
And this . . .
How he became interested in medicine is no mystery. His bloodlines trace across the globe to Dr. Chandran Krishnan, his grandmother’s brother who served as the personal physician to the sultan of Malaysia.
The story includes a photo of six of his relatives with the caption, "Mayweather gets his passion for medicine from all the doctors on his mother's side of the family."
While Mayweather is wrapping up his college career, there's a quarterback with terrific bloodlines who will be starting his college career. From the Eagle Tribune:
E.J. Perry IV, the brilliant Andover High quarterback who shattered area and state records last fall, has officially committed to play college football at Boston College.
Given that his name is Perry and he's from Andover you almost know what's coming if you've been around a bit. Here it is. The story notes that EJ, "received valuable advice from his uncles, Princeton University offensive coordinator James Perry and Houston Texans tight ends coach John Perry."

Both John and James Perry coached at Dartmouth, with John the offensive coordinator under John Lyons. John played receiver at UNH and James was a record-setting quarterback at Brown.

The Eagle Tribune reports he had "offers" from UMass, the University of New Hampshire, Bryant, Ohio University, Yale, Brown and, yes, Dartmouth.