Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snow Kidding?

Video Coordinator Alex Dodds has pulled together a look at Week Two of Dartmouth spring football practice:

Week Three starts this evening. Check BGA Premium for full coverage.
Don't take this to the bank but Hero Sports has ranked the top 30 FCS recruiting classes in the country and three Ivy League schools make the cut.

Columbia comes in at No. 18, Harvard comes in at No. 8 and . . . wait for it . . . Yale comes in at No. 2.

Here's the Hero top 10:
1. North Dakota State
2. Yale3. James Madison
4. Montana
5. Northern Iowa
6. Jacksonville State
7. Chattanooga
8. Harvard9. McNeese State
10. Lamar
The author of the piece writes of Yale's recruiting . . .
. . . (M)ake no mistake, this class is really, really strong. It is huge, it is talented, and it has some sleeper prospects that put up video-game numbers in high school (notably [running back Alan] Lamar and [wide receiver JP] Shohfi). Keep an eye on this team, folks, as it challenges Harvard for Ivy League dominance in the coming years. The coaching staff should take a bow.
Green Alert Take: This stuff is fun to talk about but I did tell you not to take this ranking to the bank, right?
Athletic Business takes a look at the MVP, largely reprising the Washington Post report.
The hire you've been waiting to hear about was announced yesterday. The new Dartmouth men's basketball coach is David McLaughlin, associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Northeastern University. The Colby College graduate was 189-99 as head coach at DII Stonehill (Mass.) from 2004-13. Find a Dartmouth release HERE.

And yes, the new coach has the same name as the record-setting Big Green wide receiver who returned to Hanover to become the 14th president of Dartmouth College in 1981. David McLaughlin '54 served his alma mater as president from 1981-87.
Happy Birthday wishes to That Certain Dartmouth '14-turned-ranger for the National Park Service. She did not wake up in the Everglades this morning to what we woke up to here on the shoulder of Moose Mountain – but might very well see something similar when she returns to Yellowstone in a couple of weeks.