Thursday, April 21, 2016

Supremely Cool

One final day of legal briefs. (See what I did there? ;-)

It isn't often that a courtroom artist portrays a former Dartmouth football player and the guess here is it hasn't happened before at the Supreme Court. Check out this page from the SCOTUS blog:

That's onetime outside linebacker John Stanton '93 addressing the court in a swearing in to the Supreme Court bar, the "first-ever mass event that symbolizes the strides lawyers with disabilities have made," as described by the National Law Journal. Read more about it in a BGA Daily post from two days ago HERE.
STATS took a look at a dozen of the top FCS offensive draft candidates earlier this week (LINK) and Harvard's offensive tackle Cole Toner and Crimson tight end Ben Braunecker were the two Ivy League products mentioned.

STATS followed up with a listing of 14 FCS defensive candidates for the draft. Given that they were listed alphabetically I scrolled down the list thinking I might find Dartmouth defensive tackle AJ Zuttah at the bottom – but to no avail. (LINK)
More on-field success. The no-tackling initiative. The MVP. Combine the greater awareness of the Dartmouth program that those factors bring with the resources necessary to recruit effectively and a case can be made that Big Green coaches should be able to make an even stronger run at qualified FBS-level prospects than they have in the past. Will a new piece of NCAA legislation make that at least a little bit more difficult for Dartmouth and the other Ivies?

From FootballScoop:
One of the longest-running complaints against the NCAA has finally been changed, as the organization confirmed Tuesday that FBS programs will now be permitted to pay for up to two parent/guardians to accompany recruits on official visits.
Green Alert Take: It certainly won't help FCS schools.