Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bay Boys

The Green Bay Packers are in the midst of a minicamp and graduated Dartmouth center Jacob Flores, who signed with the team as an undrafted free agent, got a visit from longsnapper and former teammate Graydon Peterson (right) and brother Tommy after the team's first session.

The Petersons hail from Whitefish Bay, about 1:45 south of Green Bay.
From Packers' website
The MVP has caught the attention of tech maven Kim Komando, "America's Digital Goddess." (I don't make 'em up.) Check out the story and video headlined, Amazing football robot is changing the game forever,  HERE.
For those of you who have been clicking through unsuccessfully for the past week or more, the Voy Ivy League sports board is back up for the time being HERE.

Keep an eye out for the debut of a new Ivy League board being developed by an e-friend of BGA. I'll post a link when it's ready to go.
I love the double-deck design of the new UNH football stadium, which is supposed to be ready for the Wildcats' Sept. 10 home opener against Holy Cross. UNH kicks off the season at San Diego State on Sept. 3 and will be in Hanover for Dartmouth's opener on Sept. 17.

While the official Dartmouth Sports Publicity schedule page still lists the gametime as TBA, the Ticket Office page refers to it as "Home Opener Under the Lights" so, as expected, you can pencil it in as a night game ;-)

Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, one of the founders and directors of the Manning Passing Academy, gets a mention from New Orleans Saints receiver Willie Snead in this NOLA story.
On our regular hike out the back door and up Moose Mountain on Wednesday afternoon Griff the Wonder Dog II and I popped around Dartmouth's Class of '66 Cabin and stopped in our tracks.

No more than 10 yards in front of us was a huge black bear. We looked at him and the bear stared at us before spinning and running off. Griff, who I don't think had ever seen a bear before, bolted after it before my shouting and pleading got him to stop and come back to me.

I'll be honest. For the next half hour or so of our hike I kept peaking behind us to make sure Griff and I were alone.

I meant to mention our run-in with the bruin yesterday but forgot. What made me think of it for today's BGA? That Certain Dartmouth '14, back in Yellowstone for her second summer as ranger with the National Park Service, sent along a picture this delightful picture she shot yesterday out there:

Click to enlarge and click again to super size.
And no, I didn't get a picture of the bear Griff and I came across. I was waaaay too preoccupied with making sure Griff didn't become bear food . . .