Friday, June 17, 2016

Take A Look

From current NFL roster pages:

Can't speak to his qualifications for commenting on the Ivy League but very busy Scott Bilo of the eponymous Bilo College Football Report has a decent capsule look at the 2016 Ivy League race. He might be a little generous in his prediction of overall wins in some cases but he's done his homework. Here's how he sees the race shaping up:

1. Penn
2. Harvard
3. Dartmouth
4. Yale
5. Princeton
6. Brown
7. Columbia
8. Cornell
Doug Harvey Henry Henry Henry Henry with part of his Dartmouth collection.
On graduation Sunday last week we had a chance to catch up with Hanover artist Doug Harvey Henry, whose CAMPUSscapes includes many paintings and prints from the Dartmouth campus. (Yikes. Doug Harvey was a well-known umpire.)

Anyway, Doug Henry has sons who were classmates at Hanover High School with That Certain Dartmouth '14 and That Certain Nittany Lion '16. Among his paintings and prints available for purchase:

Check out Doug's Dartmouth scenes and other work at his website HERE.